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2020-2021 After School Program Grades 7-10

Believe Achieve Succeed After School Program Grades 7-10

Join the Believe Achieve Succeed After School Program for Morgan Junior High and Morgan High Schools Grades 7-10. Fill out the form online. Don't miss out on this great program!

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Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in Grades 7-10, 

    These past few months have certainly been a whirlwind and school has been no exception. As we settle into the new routine and get back into our classrooms, we are making every effort to make things as "normal" as they can be amidst all of the changes and procedures to keep us all safe and healthy. I'm sure that you are all aware of these safety measures in our schools, as well as the academic alternatives that we, as a district, have offered in order to keep all of our staff and students out of harm's way. 

      Even with all of the apprehension about returning to school, one of the first things I heard from students a few weeks ago was, "When will after school start?" A question I have been asking myself since we closed in the spring. As of now, we are still waiting on official guidance and requirements from the Ohio Dept. of Education regarding reopening our programs. However, in the meantime, we are doing all that we can to ensure that any return to our after school routine will be a safe one. Due to all of the complications that COVID brings, we do not have an official schedule of classes for BAS at this time. However, we will be following all of the CDC and Health Dept. guidance that our schools are to ensure that our staff and students stay well.

          In order to return to our programming as quickly as possible, and so that we can better communicate with the parents of our after school students, we are opening enrollment for Believe, Achieve, Succeed. By enrolling a bit ahead of our usual time, we can ensure that certain measures like transportation, meals, and classes are lined up to meet the needs of each student while we also implement our COVID-related reopening plan. This year, applications will be online in an effort to decrease as much exposure to the virus as possible. In addition, paper copies of the app can be picked up at the MJHS and MHS offices, as well as our district's central office.

        We are doing everything that we can to prepare classes and clubs with safety in mind as we move forward, and we are also exploring the possibility of an online component to offer to our students who aren’t on campus. As always, I highly encourage you to enroll your child in our program. BAS has always focused on student well-being and healthy development and we are doing that more now than ever before. We are ready and excited to get back to our clubs and provide our students with all of the wonderful classes and resources that after school at Morgan has to offer. Including some really exciting new class offerings.

       If there are any questions or concerns that I can help and address, please do not hesitate to reach out to me so that we can all work together toward providing our students all the opportunities that we can to Believe, Achieve, and Succeed. 


Alyster White
21st Century Coordinator
Believe, Achieve, Succeed.