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South Elementary

Morgan South Elementary

3555 State Route 792

Stockport, OH 43787



Joel Fox - Principal

Morgan South Elementary is located in the most beautiful southern part of Morgan County, near Stockport, Ohio. We refer to ourselves as South Strong for a number of reasons. South Elementary is concerned with every student in our building and in every way, academically, behaviorally, and socially.  The teachers at South administer ongoing assessments to our students to find out where they are with their learning and then provide multiple means of instruction to support student learning.

At South, we have an active Change of Heart program. In this program, students in fifth and sixth grade are asked to write why they would like to be a Change of Heart student, and then the teachers review the writings and pick the students for the program.  Our Change of Heart students are picked because of their outstanding character. The Change of Heart students welcome new students to our building, babysit when there are parent meetings, work at our school festival and much, much more.

South also has an active Care Team.  This Team meets twice per month to help support needy students. The Team members include the principal, teachers, representatives from outside agencies, and local church ministers. This Team drills down and attempts to find the obstacles in the life of the student, and break down the obstacles with support.  South Elementary organizes celebrations monthly to encourage our students to follow the rules, complete homework, and attend school. South Strong Elementary welcomes all students and families.


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